CsvStat - Free, basic statistics software

CsvStat is a free program, that helps you count and analyse simple plain text databases such as CSV-files (comma separated values). It is useful for processing data that has been gathered via digital surveys, questionnaires or other data acquisition methods.

CsvStat is an intuitive, non-technical approach to rudimentary statistical analysis of data. It does not contain all the features of software packages such as Epi Info, WinPepi, WinIDAMS, R etc. It doesn't do advanced statistical calculations.

Here is a partial function list:
- Total line count
- Number of lines containing a specific string
- Number of lines not containing a specific string
- Average of values in specific columns
- Find the greatest/smallest number in a specific column
- List all different content in a specific column
- Linear regression analysis
- Pearson correlation coefficient
- Calculate median
- Sample standard deviation
- Standard error of estimate
- Normal deviate
- One/two group t-test
- Repeated measures t-test
- Chi-square and 2x2 chi test
- Margin of error
- Z-score

CsvSat allows you to do basic calculations, such as totals, percentages etc. and includes simple cross tabulation support. Thus, this program is for people who want to do basic analyses but don't want the steep learning curve of a bloated statistical package.

Please note that this is a beta program, so it may still contain bugs.

If you want to analyse the data from an Excel spreadsheet, you simply create a CSV file using Excel's export feature.

Or perhaps you've gathered data using an online PHP survey system, such as apgForm? In any case, CsvStat may be what you are looking for.

- CsvStat (version 2, compressed ZIP-file)

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